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About Anita

Anita  loves doing all kinds of artwork, but has a passion for anything involving glass. She melts glass in her kiln, cuts teacups, and glues mosaics. She also has a love of power tools like saws, drills, hammers or anything that has the “Craftsman” name on it.  Now she gets to combine her love of both to cut, break and saw. Life is good. Her artwork is currently on display at The Omaha Performing Arts (Omaha, Nebraska), The Tree Adventure at Lied Lodge (Nebraska City, Nebraska), and The Wildwood Center (Nebraska City, Nebraska).

Fused Glass

Fused Glass  is often referred to as warm glass. These firings range from 1100 degrees Fahrenheit to about 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. A kiln is used to make the glass molten and to join two or more pieces of glass. This process is also known as kiln-forming. These pieces of glass are designed in a layered manner in a kiln. Through several firings a new piece of glass is created, formed and shaped.

Dichroic Glass

Dichroic glass- (di-KRO-ik) literally means  "two colors".   Dichroic glass changes color as it is moved in the light. It  is manufactured by fusing thin metallic films to the surface of the glass.  These films allow the glass to transmit different colors than they reflect. Dichroic glass is especially popular with glass artists making jewelry.

14 kt. Gold Filled Wire

Pure gold is 24kt. and is so soft that is it impossible to utilize it in wire wrap jewelry. 14/20 wire or 1/20 rolled gold wire is created by taking a sheet of 14kt. gold and bonding it through extreme heat and pressure to a core of semi-precious metal (brass). This is a very sophisticated process and only a few mills in the world do it. You should not mistake this process for GOLD PLATING. There is a very big difference. The end result is a 14kt. tube which is strong, durable, and resistant to tarnish because of its 14kt. gold covering. The finished product thus has a surface layer of gold of the appropriate karat weight which is very thick compared to gold plate, gold electroplate or rolled gold plate. This is commonly marked as 14/20, 12/20 or 10/20, which means receptively 1/20th by weight 14kt. gold-filled, 12kt. gold-filled, etc.  There is 100 times more gold in 14kt. gold filled (rolled gold) than in gold plate. A 14/20 gold filled piece is usually considered a lifetime piece of jewelry.

Care of 14kt. Rolled Gold Jewelry

Care is easy. Just care for it as you would any other jewelry. It is quite durable. A simple way to clean gold filled is to soak it for a minute or two in a mild solution of ammonia and water or a commercial liquid jewelry cleaner. Rinse the jewelry thoroughly with water afterwards and let dry.


Most of her teacups are from auctions & antique malls, so she has a large and varied selection.  If you have a special pattern, she can try to locate a cup & saucer to match your pattern.

Teacups - All light fixtures have a UL listing and the plug rotates 360 degrees to fit any outlet in any direction.  A 4 watt bulb is included.

Beer Bottles - these are made from recycled bottles. All light fixtures have a UL listing and the plug rotates 360 degrees to fit any outlet in any direction.  A 4 watt bulb is included.   If you have a special brand you would like, her husband will sacrifice his liver & drink one to get the bottle.

Melted Bottles

If you have a memory bottle from a special occasion (wedding, anniversary), she might be able to transform it into a usable item.  Special requests will be considered.

 Flat –For cheeseboards, wall decorations or spoon rests.  Made from recycled wine and liquor bottles.  Decorated with contrasting beads and hanger, ready to serve your favorite cheeses/breads, lie flat or decorate your wall. Colors come in clear, blue, amber, brown and green.

Shaped -  For condiments or spoon rests. Made from recycled wine and liquor bottles. Decorated with contrasting beads and hanger, ready to serve your favorite salsa, dip or any liquid. Colors come in clear, blue, amber, brown and green.

Weddings - special requests can be designed for custom wire wrapped jewelry to coordinate with your wedding colors. These make a great gift for bridesmaids, mothers and mothers-in-law. After your wedding, have your keepsake bottle melted into a cheeseboard or spoon rest. And take a look at the beer bottle night lights for the grooms’ gifts.








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